Key Trends 2013

Key Trends 2013: Alfaparf Milano High Visibility


This season, we depart from the traditional and rediscover Italian style where fashion, art & design merge: the city of Milan. Its shapes, contours & architecture inspiring this seasons' collection: HIGH VISIBILITY.


Milan has a long history of continous evolution. The second-largest city in Italy, Milan's history as a commercial, trend and banking center began as early as the Middle Ages. Today its metropolitan area has the highest population density in the region and serves as a crossroads of trends and a true melting pot of styles...where the classic melds perfectly with contemporary.


In recent years, de-industrialization, urban decay and gentrification has led to a massive urban renewal of former industrial areas, that have been transformed into modern residential and financial districts, notably Porta Nuova and FieraMilano in the suburb of Rho. HIGH VISIBILITY is inspired by the bold, contemporary architecture sprouting up throughout the city and the classic lines and contours of its classic historical structures.


Below is the story behind the structures which served as inspiration for this season's collection: HIGH VISIBILITY



Collection Interpretation: Skyline

Milano Santa Monica is a lush, green, self-contained super city that is scheduled to sprout up just outside of Milan this year. It is envisioned as a stacked series of high-rises overflowing with flowering terraces.


CityLife Tower Complex

Collection Interpretation: Skyline & Perspective

The Fiera area of Milan is currently being rebuilt into a residential and business district called: CityLife. It will feature, amongst residences, museums and a large park, three skyscrapers: Isozaki Tower, Hadid Tower and Libeskind Tower. All will have remarkable, contemporary shapes: the Hadid Tower is twisted, the Libeskind Tower and the Isozaki Tower, although being perfectly straight, will reach 200m becoming the tallest building in Italy.


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Collection Interpretation: Perspective

The great Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the oldest shopping mall in Italy. Built by architect Giuseppe Mengoni between 1865 and 1877 to celebrate Vittorio Emanuele II, first king of reunited Italy, it is covered by a stunning arching glass and cast iron roof. It is one of the most iconic structures in Milan.


Fiera di Milano (Milan Trade Fair)

Collection Interpretation: Soft Curves

In 2005 the largest construction in the world gave birth to the Fiera Di Milano, a mile-long exhibition fairground designed by Roman architect Massimiliano Fuksas. The Fiera covers 2.1 million square feet and is crowned by a contemporary, waving, undulating glass canopy. This roof is supported by vortexlike parabolas of glass and steel that give the impression that the canopy floats, only touching the earth here and there.

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