Vibrant, temporary creamy colors based on vegetable dyes give hair incredible color and shine!
Ammonia-free, pH 3.5, no developer required.


Jeans Color





- Creates intense color on decolorized hair.
- Enhances tone value of previously colored hair.
- Intensifies shades of colored hair.


how to use


Wearing gloves, place Jean’s Color in a non-metallic bowl. Apply product directly to towel-dried, pre-lightened hair (or over colored hair) with a brush or a comb.  Process 10-15 minutes without heat. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Shampoo.
Available shades: Deep Red, Magenta, Pink, Chili Red, Purple




250 ml - 8.45 Fl. Oz - Number of Applications: 10 - 20

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